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Celestial globe
    • Setting:
      Room III
    • Author:
      Johann Georg Klinger
    • Place:
    • Date:
    • Materials:
      paper, wood
    • Dimensions:
      sphere diameter 320 mm, height 530 mm, width 455 mm
    • Inventory:
      Dep. SBAS, Firenze
    • Celestial globe (Dep. SBAS, Firenze)
    • Celestial globe (Dep. SBAS, Firenze)

This celestial globe was made by Johann Georg Klinger, while the star positions were recorded for 1800 by Charles Messier. In addition to the Ptolemaic constellations, the globe displays those observed by Hevelius (1743), Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille (1776), and Maximilian Hell (1789). The names are in Latin.