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Double-handle vase
    • Setting:
      Room VIII
    • Maker:
    • Place:
    • Date:
      late 16th cent. - early 17th cent.
    • Materials:
      transparent and blue glass
    • Dimensions:
      height 140 mm, diameter 80 mm
    • Inventory:
    • Double handle vase (Inv. 279)

This vase has a rounded body whose underside is decorated with pincered ornaments, a flared neck, a double handle, a round foot, and a medium knop. There is a lid in the shape of a small dome with a blue glass end. The curled handles and the button relief pattern at the joint are also of blue glass. The design resembles glassware found in the Veneto but also in Tyrol. A variant without handles is illustrated in Giovanni Maggi's manuscript Bicchierografia (1604). Identical forms are also represented by Tuscan painters, most notably by Alessandro Allori in his frescoes at the Medici villa of Poggio a Caiano c. 1579. This specimen—a more complex variant of items inv. 330—was probably made in the Medici glasshouse and dates from between 1570 (when the glasshouse was opened) and 1604.

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