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Model of pregnancy with complications
    • Setting:
      Room X
    • Author:
      Giuseppe Ferrini and/or Clemente Susini [attr.]
    • Place:
    • Date:
      after 1771
    • Materials:
    • Dimensions:
      400x470x450 mm
    • Inventory:
      Dep. OSMN, Firenze
    • Model of pregnancy with complications (Dep. OSMN, Firenze)

This obstetrical wax model documents an abdominal pregnancy. This occurs after the rupture of a Fallopian tube releases the zygote (fertilized ovum), which, in extremely rare cases, continues to grow in the abdominal cavity. There the fetus can develop to full maturity. The fetus is shown here completely free between the intestinal folds, without alterations or adhesions to the abdominal organs. The placenta is in the posterior pelvic wall.

The model, with detachable fetus, was commissioned by Felice Fontana, who was working on the installation of the Museo di Fisica e Storia Naturale of Florence, from the sculptor Giuseppe Ferrini and his assistant Clemente Susini.