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Movement and quadrant from a longcase clock
    • Setting:
      Interactive Rooms
    • Maker:
      Francesco Maria Parisi
    • Date:
      third quarter of the 18th cent.
    • Inventory:
    • Place:
    • Movement and quadrant from a longcase clock (inv. 3586)

The brass dial of this long-case clock has an hour circle with Roman hour numerals and Arabic minute numerals. The lunette above it carries a small disk with the signature “Francesco Maria Parisi,” about whom we have no information. At the center is the small disk for setting the alarm. The movement has two brass trains, one behind the other, and an arrangement for the side alarm. The going train has a large anchor escapement for 8 ½ teeth with an iron crutch for a seconds pendulum. Winding is by endless rope system simultaneously with the chime train. The latter has a 12-stroke regulator, a fan wheel, and a large bell on the top with an external hammer for the hours and an internal one for the alarm.

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