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Wall clock
    • Setting:
      Interactive Rooms
    • Maker:
      Giovanni Grisostomo Nuzzi
    • Date:
      end of the 18th cent.
    • Inventory:
    • Place:
      Rincine (Florence)
    • Wall clock (inv. 3587)

On the lunette above the brass dial is engraved "Grisostomo Nuzzi di Rincine," while the lower part of the dial carries the markings "n. 2720." There are Roman hour numerals and a subdivision into quarter-hours and half-hours. The fret-worked hand is original. Just above VI hours is a hole for setting the chime. The going train has a verge escapement with a horizontal contrate wheel and a short, light pendulum integral with the verge. The chime train has a six-stroke regulator, each stroke being repeated after a brief interval. The bell on top has its own hammer. Thanks to its practical, economical design, this type of lantern clock or mantel clock was well known and widely diffused in central Italy c. 1750-1825. This success is evidenced by the engraved number, presumably the serial number assigned to each successive unit made.

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