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Spring-driven clock movement and dial
    • Setting:
      Room V
    • Maker:
      Johann Philipp Treffler
    • Place:
    • Date:
      ca. 1659
    • Materials:
      brass, pewter
    • Dimensions:
      movement: 90x36x190 mm; dial: 258x304 mm
    • Inventory:
    • Spring-driven clock movement and dial (Inv. 3557)
    • Spring-driven clock movement and dial (Inv. 3557)

The clock was originally housed in a wooden case, replaced by another destroyed in the 1966 flood. The brass dial displays the pewter hour circle and the seconds circle. The slim hour hand is elegantly designed and crafted. The minutes and seconds hands are missing. The brass going train has a large barrel for the mainspring and a gut fusee. The train comprises the fusee wheel, an intermediate wheel, a crown wheel, and a horizontal contrate wheel. The pendulum is missing. The back plate carries engraved ornamentation at the corners and on the rim; the center is engraved with the signature "Gio:Filipp Trefler Augosto" with flourishes. This instrument is traditionally believed to be one of the earliest applications of the pendulum to a clock in Italy. Appears to have belonged to Vincenzo Viviani.