Museo Galileo
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    • Setting:
      Room XVII
    • Maker:
      George Adams junior
    • Place:
    • Date:
      late 18th cent.
    • Materials:
      brass, glass
    • Dimensions:
      height 530 mm, diameter 120 mm
    • Inventory:
    • Eudiometer (Inv. 930/a)

Round-bottomed glass eudiometer built in the late eighteenth century on the model designed by Alessandro Volta. The top end carries a small hollow brass cylinder with slits and three radiating pointed rods. A glass cylinder is attached to the brass cylinder. A swiveling brass ring is fastened to to the top. The instrument, signed "G. Adams London," is the work of the famous English naturalist and instrument-maker George Adams. The eudiometer was used to measure the quantity of carbon dioxide in atmospheric air within a confined space.