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Telescope with accessories
    • Setting:
      Room X
    • Maker:
      François de Baillou
    • Place:
    • Date:
    • Materials:
      cardboard, wood, leather
    • Dimensions:
      length c. 2500 mm
    • Inventory:
    • Telescope with accessories (Inv. 3340)
    • Telescope with accessories (Inv. 3340)

Telescope consisting of nine cardboard tubes. The largest is covered with brown paper (once white) with gold tooling. The others are covered with white paper (now turned yellow). Some tubes are wedged together and cannot be extended. There are no lenses in the tubes. A rectangular wooden case, covered with brown leather and lined with red velvet, contains many accessories, including: three biconvex lenses (a fourth is apparently missing), housed in a cardboard tube covered with brown and green leather with gold tooling; a biconvex objective lens in a wooden mount, with the signature of the maker, François de Baillou; and a cardboard disk (diameter 325 mm) with a central hole (65 mm). There are other, minor accessories, such as eyepiece mounts, lens boxes, diaphragms, and covers.