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Model of forceps delivery
    • Setting:
      Room X
    • Author:
      Giuseppe Ferrini and/or Clemente Susini [attr.]
    • Place:
    • Date:
      after 1771
    • Materials:
    • Dimensions:
      400x550x340 mm
    • Inventory:
      Dep. OSMN, Firenze
    • Model of forceps delivery (Dep. OSMN, Firenze)

This obstetrical wax model shows forceps being used to disengage the head of a fetus in cephalic presentation. This is a "low forceps" application, to disengage the head from the inferior strait.

The model was commissioned by Felice Fontana, who was working on the installation of the Museo di Fisica e Storia Naturale of Florence, from the sculptor Giuseppe Ferrini and his assistant Clemente Susini.