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Compound microscope
    • Setting:
      Room XIV
    • Inventor:
      Filippo Pacini
    • Maker:
    • Place:
    • Date:
    • Materials:
    • Dimensions:
      height 420 mm, base 222x143 mm
    • Inventory:
    • Compound microscope (Inv. 2660)

Pacini-type compound microscope matching exactly the one described by Filippo Pacini in his 1845 paper. Made in the workshop of Giovanni Battista Amici. On a semicircular base are inserted two tapered pillars holding an oval stage. Alongside it, a square-sectioned telescopic pillar supports the body-tube; its vertical position is adjusted for focusing with a screw controlled by a knob. A graduated disk controls micrometric motion of the stage plate. Below the stage are the illumination mirror, a condenser lens, and a disk with several diaphragms. The body-tube is inclined and attached to the support by means of a total-reflection prism that deflects the rays from the objective into the eyepiece. Provenance: Lorraine collections.