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Horary quadrant
    • Setting:
      Room II
    • Maker:
      Stefano Buonsignori
    • Place:
    • Date:
      ca. 1580
    • Materials:
      ebony, brass
    • Dimensions:
      131x118 mm
    • Inventory:
    • Horary quadrant (Inv. 2499)
    • Horary quadrant (Inv. 2499)

The front of this finely decorated quadrant carries (1) a brass disk with markings for days, months, and zodiac signs, and (2) a moon dial. There is a magnetic compass for orientation. On the back of the instrument are a shadow square, a degree scale, and a sundial with unequal hour lines set for latitude 43°30' (Florence). Made by Stefano Buonsignori, as indicated by the initials "D.STEP. B.F.F." [Stefano Buonsignori Florentinus Fecit]. Provenance: Medici collections.