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Box of mathematical instruments
    • Setting:
      Room VI
    • Maker:
      Giacomo Lusverg, Domenico Lusverg
    • Place:
    • Date:
      second half 17th cent. - first half 18th cent.
    • Materials:
      brass, copper, glass, steel; case: wood
    • Dimensions:
      530x365 mm
    • Inventory:
      243, 244, 247
    • Box of mathematical instruments (Inv. 243, 244, 247)
    • Box of mathematical instruments (Inv. 243, 244, 247)

This box has three levels, each divided into compartments and containing mathematical instruments.

The first level has twenty-one compartments, some of them empty. It contains: a graduated square and clinometer signed "Iacobus Lusverg Roma 1688"; a compass with quadrant and plumb bob fixed to the hinge; a brass arc signed "Domenico Lusverg 1710 Roma"; an instrument that folds out to a T shape with a fixed bar, a mobile bar, and three steel points as a support; three different types of compasses: (1) proportional compasses, (2) military compasses signed "Dominicus Lusverg 1710 Roma," complete with a magnetic compass, three viewers in the shape of an eagle and monsters, and a stand fastened by means of two keys, (3) a pair of steel-tipped dividers; a semi-circle with a point; a protractor signed "Dominicus Lusverg 1707 Rome"; and an astrolabe for astrological use dated 1659.

The second level has forty-three compartments containing: three-point compasses signed Dominicus Lusverg; a goniometer signed "Dominicus Lusverg Roma 1710"; proportional compasses signed and dated as the previous one; three reduction compasses with polygonal heads, one of which has curved legs; a gunner's caliper and ruler; a rule; a ruler to trace parallel lines signed "Dominicus Lusverg Roma 1710"; a ruler for ellipses; a plumb bob; a square with graduated and folding bar signed "Dominicus Lusverg Roma 1710"; a ruler for ellipses with rotating key signed as the previous item; a case for measuring grains with eight pierced plates; a square signed "Dominicus Lusverg Roma"; six accessories and a finely engraved base to draw ellipses; a pair of dividers with legs jointed by a screw and a compass pencil-holder; a pair of scissors and a steel knife; and a complete magnetic compass signed "Dominicus Lusverg Roma 1710."

The third level, consisting of fourteen compartments, contains: a sundial complete with magnetic compass, graduated arc, and hour circle, with four feet under the base and signed "Dominicus Lusverg 1711 Roma"; a large proportional compass signed "Iacobus Lusverg Roma 16[..]"; a folding linear measure; a brass disk pierced at the center; a ruler to be mounted as an alidade; and a steel bar with two clamps and two sliding accessories for drawing. Provenance: Medici collections.