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Stand with tackles
    • Setting:
      Room XII
    • Inventor:
      Willem Jacob 's Gravesande
    • Maker:
    • Date:
      second half 18th cent.
    • Materials:
      wood, iron, brass
    • Dimensions:
      550x550x1290 mm
    • Inventory:
      984, 1389, 1398, 1399
    • Stand with tackles (Inv. 984, 1389, 1398, 1399)

The tackles are suspended from a 's Gravesande column, named after its inventor. The "column" is an all-purpose stand suitable for a wide range of mechanical and hydrostatic experiments. This specimen resembles item inv. 539, 1401.

There are two tackles consisting of a pair of iron pulley-blocks with eight and twenty-four brass sheaves respectively, interconnected by a cord. A third tackle, all in brass, carries a total of twenty pulleys in two blocks. Provenance: Lorraine collections.